Where potential soars

Drama and Music

Kingswood College is well known for its extensive arts program. Encompassing music, singing, dance, drama, multimedia, photography, visual communication and design, our wide-ranging curriculum fosters students’ imagination, curiosity and creativity.

Arts students learn the skills and techniques to capture and convey their thoughts, ideas and feelings through creative artistic expression, whether visually, musically or via dance and movement.

Classroom, instrumental and choral music programs provide students with scope for both group participation and individual development.  Students can take additional private tuition classes on campus during school hours for their preferred musical instruments, singing or drama.

Kingswood College boasts a strong event-driven program of performances, plays and productions, concerts, special events and evenings where students have the opportunity to perform and showcase their individual and collective talents.

The College Art Show displays art works across the spectrum of arts subjects from students in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools and is always a popular annual event in the College calendar.