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Visual Communication Design examines the way visual language can be used to convey ideas, information and messages in the fields of communication, environmental and industrial design. Designers create and communicate through visual means to influence everyday life for individuals, communities and societies. Students solve problems in creative ways through disseminating ideas and information to create presentations for audiences. Both digital and manual drawing methods are developed. VCD is the commercial application of Art and can lead to careers in Engineering, Graphic Design, Architecture, Landscape Design, Product Design, Games Design, Multimedia, Interior Designs, Illustrators etc.

Duration    1 Semester


Students will develop an understanding of how and when visual communication is used.  Students develop a range of skills including rendering, illustration, typography manipulation, technical drawing and digital/manual drawing techniques

They will develop skills to assist in their transition into year 11.

Areas of Study

Skill development

  • Use of tools equipment and media
  • 2-D and 3-D instrument drawing
  • Product, environment and advertising design
  • Design elements and principles
  • Computer assisted design (CAD)


Students will design a couple of projects that may include:

a poster for an upcoming event (real or imagined)

a T-Shirt

a small building

a landscape


Students must demonstrate an understanding of design practices and complete all work outcomes to a satisfactory standard. This is particularly important for students who intend to study Visual Communication Design at VCE level.

  • Design Folio
  • Technical and manual/digital drawing
  • Analysis and evaluation of designs
  • Final presentations