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Sport Coaching & Management


This course is designed to provide an extension to those students who wish to explore beyond the bounds of the regular Physical Education program. Students gain first hand experience in planning and conducting an event, and are given the opportunity to coach peers and, where possible junior students, in a variety of skills. The skill development and coaching principles offer students an insight into some of the components of the VCE Physical Education program.

Duration    1 Semester


Students will be able to:

  • Be a valued member of a team and work cooperatively to promote participation in physical activity at Kingswood.
  • Understand the ways in which performance in sport can be enhanced.
  • Understand the role of a coach in a number of settings.
  • Improve their own and others' performance in sport, by designing and implementing a variety of training sessions.

Areas of Study

Event management:
Students are expected to plan, conduct and evaluate an event designed to promote participation in physical activity within the College community. This will culminate in the coordination of ‘PE Week’, a College based week long organised sport event involving all year levels and some teaching staff.

Enhancing performance:
Students look at a variety of ways in which sporting performance can be improved, including skill development, strategies and tactics, and technology.

Students explore the roles, responsibilities and characteristics of a respected coach. Students will be required to plan and coach a variety of sessions to evaluate and improve their own and others' coaching skills.

Learning Tasks / Assessment

  • Event Management – Planning, conducting and evaluating an event
  • Investigation of performance enhancing technology
  • Coaching assignment
  • Lab reports
  • Examination

Australian Institute of Sport Camp

Together with the Year 10 P.E. Applications class Body in Motion class, students have the option of traveling to the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) in Canberra to undertake a 3-day intensive program that will include:

  • Sport specific training sessions
  • Nutrition for performance
  • Coaching presentations
  • Elite athlete presentations
  • Recovery sessions
  • Biomechanics laboratory session
  • Tour of facilities