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2018 Annual Tuition Fees

The following schedule of fees has been approved by the College Council to apply for 2018. In the absence of any significant events, the Council expects this level of fees to remain unchanged in 2018.

Tuition Fees Consolidated Charge Total Annual Fees Per Term


Pre Prep

$17,066 $290 $17,356 $4,339
Preparatory $10,434 $902 $11,336 $2,834
Year 1 $12,284 $812 $13,096 $3,274
Year 2 $13,464 $1,540 $15,004 $3,751
Year 3 $14,852 $1,956 $16,808 $4,202
Year 4 $14,852 $1,784 $16,636 $4,159
Year 5 $17,112 $2,160 $19,272 $4,818
Year 6 $17,112 $3,020 $20,132 $5,033
Year 7 $20,140 $2,144 $22,284 $5,571
Year 8 $20,140 $3,764 $23,904 $5,976
Year 9 $21,416 $4,200 $25,616 $6,404
Year 10 $21,416 $4,028 $25,444 $6,361
Year 11 $22,838 $2,374 $25,212 $6,303
Year 12 $22,838 $2,659 $25,497 $8,499*



NOTE: Part Time rates apply for Kindergarten/Pre Prep as follows: 
Four days per week $13,884p.a.; $3,471 per term (Pre Prep only) 
Three days per week $10,416 p.a.; $2,604 per term (Pre Prep/Kindergarten) 
Two days per week $8,680 p.a.; $2,170 per term (Kindergarten only)

Fees are due and payable on the following dates:
15 January 2018
26 March 2018
25 June 2018
 8 October 2018
 *Please note: Year 12 fees are paid in three instalments or six direct debit instalments.

To overcome the need for students to bring cash to the College and to reduce numerous extras being billed to accounts, a consolidated charge is levied to cover items including annual camps, excursions, College magazine, sports buses and the sport program, locker padlocks, outdoor education programs (Years 8 - 10), Jersey (Year 6, 11 & 12), visiting lecturers and artists, student accident insurance and special programs at various year levels. The consolidated charge also covers the provision of ICLT resources to students.

Payment of fees can be made by cash, cheque, direct debit, BPAY or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Parents may also elect to pay fees annually in advance and receive a discount. Please see below for details. The payment of one term’s fees in advance applies to all new students entering the College. In normal circumstances this fee is payable in September prior to the commencement. For enrolments finalised after September, the fee is payable immediately.

If paying by direct debit, parents may choose to pay in 10 instalments (Year 12 – 6 instalments). Fees will be debited to your nominated cheque account, savings account or credit card in ten instalments on the first weekday of each month February 2018 to November 2018 inclusive. The direct debit form can be obtained by emailing the Business Office accounts@kingswoodcollege.vic.edu.au and must be returned to the Business Office no later than 15 December 2017.

A $150 late payment fee is levied for fees owing at 30 days and a further $150 charge if fees are owing at 60 days. Once the debt to the College is 90 days old, a debtor must be in regular communication with the Business Manager and enter into an agreement with acceptable repayment terms. Failing this, the College will commence legal proceedings for recovery and or exclude the student from the College, (until such time as the fees are paid in full).

A separate schedule of fees is available in respect of private music and speech lessons.

(i) Sibling
A discount of 10% of the net tuition fees applies to the second sibling attending the College at the same time and 25% for subsequent siblings. Sibling discounts are not applicable to students in receipt of a bursary or scholarship.
(ii) Fees in advance
Parents may elect to pay fees annually in advance and receive a 3% discount off the Total Fees due in the 2018 calendar year. To take up this offer contact the Business Office for details of the amount due. Payment must be received by the College no later than Friday 8 December 2017 5.00pm to be eligible for this discount.

One full term’s notice in writing of the intention to withdraw a student from the College is required, otherwise an amount equal to 25% of the annual tuition fee is payable in lieu thereof.
N.B. It will be assumed that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions in force at the start of the year. These can be obtained from the College website.

The College Building Fund assists the Council with the continuing need to provide students with up to date facilities. There is provision on the fee statement to make a voluntary tax deductible gift to the Building Fund of $125 per term. Parents may make a donation of any amount if so desired.

Refer to Terms and Conditions

The fees as listed are prepared on the basis of receiving all relevant Government Funding and if that Government Funding is not received by the College, then the College requires the family to pay any resulting shortfall.