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2019 Annual Tuition Fees

The following scale of fees has been approved by the College Council to apply for 2019. In the absence of any significant events, the Council expects this level of fees to remain unchanged in 2019.

Year Level Tuition Fee Consolidated
VCE Exam Fee Total Fees
Preparatory $24,452 $936 Not applicable $25,388
Year 1 $24,452 $842 Not applicable $25,294
Year 2 $24,452 $1,598 Not applicable $26,050
Year 3 $24,452 $2,029 Not applicable $26,481
Year 4 $24,452 $1,849 Not applicable $26,301
Year 5 $24,452 $1,781 Not applicable $26,233
Year 6 $24,452 $2,533 Not applicable $26,985
Year 7 $32,484 $2,292 Not applicable $34,776
Year 8 $32,484 $3,972 Not applicable $36,456
Year 9 $33,891 $4,425 Not applicable $38,316
Year 10 $33,891 $4,237 Not applicable $38,128
Year 11 $34,857 $2,482 $213 $37,552
Year 12 $34,857 $2,781 $440 $38,078

Consolidated Charge

In addition to Tuition Fees, students will be charged a Consolidated Charge.To overcome the need for students to bring cash to the College and to reduce numerous extras being billed to accounts, a Consolidated Charge is levied to cover items including annual camps, excursions, sports buses and the sport program, locker padlocks, outdoor education courses (Years 8/9/10), Year 10 graduation (student cost only), Year 12 Valedictory dinner (student cost only) visiting lecturers and artists, student accident insurance and special programs at various year levels. The Consolidated Charge also covers the provision of hardware internet connection and software as appropriate to ensure that all students have broad access to computers in the school.
Annual tuition fees and consolidated charges do not include accommodation, uniforms, books and stationery, extra private lessons, medical expenses, medicare levy or travelling costs.

VCE Exam Entry Fees

Students in Years 11 & 12 are required to pay VCE exam entry fees. This is not a payment to the College but is collected on behalf of each student for payment to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) who co-ordinate VCE exams.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Submit an online Kingswood College enrolment application together with an AEAS, Edutest or iStart result (or other evidence of English language testing), student's full academic record for past three years and a copy of passport (and visa if available).
  2. Read the International Student Enrolment Agreement and College Council Terms and Conditions.
  3. If the College accepts the application for enrolment, a letter of offer will be sent together with an International Student Enrolment Agreement.
  4. Once this written offer of enrolment has been received, return a signed copy of the International Student Enrolment Agreement, one semester’s tuition fee plus Allianz payment to the College to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Entry requirements to Australia may be handled by the agent.

Please click here for the International Refund Policy.