Where potential soars

The Arts

The Arts curriculum gives students from Pre Prep - Year 6 access to a broad and comprehensive program. Classroom instrumental music and creative music, drama and dance are experienced as part of the general curriculum. Performances and exhibitions are important aspects of the Arts program. Students have classes in music, movement and drama and are involved in performances for parents and the community.

Visual Arts

Visual Art classes with a specialist teacher for Pre Prep - Year 6 enable students to access a wide range of visual art forms. Experience is gained through drawing, painting, printing, collage, modelling, construction and threads and textiles. Students make and share artworks that express and communicate ideas, feelings and experiences. Art critique and appreciation is incorporated into the lessons. Artworks are displayed in the Gallery Space and in an annual Prep - Year 12 Art Show. Selected students can also participate in an enrichment program.

Performing Arts

There are both formal and informal opportunities for the students to be involved in the performing arts program in the Junior School. The Junior School Choir, Harmony Ensemble, Junior School Orchestra and Junior School Strings perform to school and community audiences.

In Year 6, students engage in ‘Drama Plus’ as well as Music classes.

Productions, Quarterly Concerts, Soirees, Open Days and weekly Assemblies provide opportunities for the students to perform.


Students in Pre Prep - Year 3 have a weekly classroom session with a specialist music teacher where they explore the elements of music and start to develop an appreciation of this art form.

Students in Years 2 - 3 also have a weekly class violin session.

Students in Years 4 - 5 have a semester each of keyboard, guitar, wind and percussion, learning the basics of playing these instruments as well as reading music. Each semester, Years 4 - 5 students present a soiree, where they showcase their skills.

Students in Year 6 explore a variety of musical styles with a music specialist and a more academic approach is taken.

Private tuition is available from visiting specialist music teachers in a wide variety of instruments and vocal.

Students are encouraged to audition for the Junior School Orchestra (JSO) and the Junior School Strings. Students from Years 3 to 6 are invited to audition for the Junior School Choir. The Choir rehearses before school, learning the art of choral singing. Students who show particular passion and skill are invited to audition for the Junior School Harmony Ensemble, an advanced vocal ensemble. Both vocal groups perform at numerous concerts at the College and within the local community throughout the year.