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Digital tools

iPads are used in the Junior School in Years 4 - 6. Students learn how to create, develop, manipulate and analyse information using their iPads and a wide range of Apps. Students can work individually or in groups to collaborate and share ideas using their iPads.

The College is committed to developing responsible citizens within the digital age and are actively working with students, teachers and parents to ensure that each student is responsible and wise in their use of iPads and technology. 

Design (Year 6 only)

Central to the development of technology in society is the use of materials, both natural and synthetic, to meet the needs of individuals and society as a whole. Year 6 students focus on understanding the use of materials such as wood and plastic and their importance to our society.

Food (Year 6 only)

Students in Year 6 study Food and Technology in the purpose-built Hospitality Centre located in the Middle Schoo.  This subject teaches students the basics in food preparation, the use of kitchen equipment, recipes, cooking methods and hospitality.