Where potential soars

Middle School

The Middle School at Kingswood College is from Years 7 - 10.

Programs aim to build a strong foundation so that students are well prepared to meet the demands of the VCE and beyond.

Our teachers understand the specific needs of young adolescents who are developing physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Middle School is a time when patterns of behaviour and thinking are established, and our program provides a creative and stimulating environment for students to grow and mature.

Transition to Middle School

Many students join Kingswood College in Year 7 and they are given the opportunity to imagine, explore, discover and be creative in a wide variety of core subject offerings. 

The College has a comprehensive transition program into Year 7 including orientation days the year prior to entry and a camp for all students in the first
few days of Term One. On camp, students meet one another, as well as their wellbeing and subject teachers, and experience the College values and ethos in an informal setting. The camp program gives students the opportunity to quickly form relationships with their teachers and peers in a supportive and relaxed environment and enables students to return to the classroom with greater ease and confidence having already established new friendships.

Years 8 - 10
In Years 8 - 9 students build on their knowledge and experiences and are challenged to participate in a variety of enrichment programs and activities. After completing these years, students are provided with a number of broad choices made available to them through the core and elective program offered at Year 10. This final year in the Middle School is very much seen as a culmination of the Middle Years of schooling and a preparation year for the VCE.

Throughout the Middle School years students are challenged to give their best and to develop values such as honesty, trust, respect, sensitivity, tolerance, responsibility, diligence and self-discipline.


Sula Tyndall
Head of Middle School