Where potential soars

Middle School Curriculum 

Years 7 to Year 10

Kingswood College Middle School comprises students from Years 7 -10. At a time of transition from Junior School and physical change from childhood to adolescence, students in Middle School embark on an exhilarating new phase of their learning journey.

Middle School is an exciting time as students discover and refine their interests and talents - whether in the arts, English, ICT, languages, mathematics, music, drama, sport, technology or sciences. It is a formative time for students to create and shape their future, make discoveries, achieve personal goals, nurture and develop their leadership qualities and participate and engage in a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities.

All students in Years 7 - 8 use iPads in their learning, and Years 9-10 students can use a device of their choice, whether that is an iPad or laptop. 

A fundamental adjunct to the academic program in the Middle School years is our ongoing wellbeing program - with different themes interweaving across the four year levels:

YEAR 7: self-esteem and self-awareness, discovering and understanding of each student’s individual learning style
YEAR 8: team-work, peer respect and responsibility, community
YEAR 9: relationships, communication, environment, the global community
YEAR 10: ethics, leadership, community, self-respect, purposeful living

Fundamental to the wellbeing of each student is the opportunity to work in a three-way partnership with their teachers and parents. Confidence, happiness, resilience, compassion and integrity are all happy hallmarks of many of our students’ middle years' experience.