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Personal and Social Education

The focus of the Personal and Social Education is to develop a student's personal and social skills. Learning skills are enhanced by the development of self confidence, self discipline, resilience, perseverance, and a tolerance and understanding of others. The development of these skills and attitudes assist in creating a positive and socially healthy Junior School community.

The Personal and Social Education program at Kingswood College Junior School aims to provide:

  • studies within the curriculum that enhance the personal and social development of students
  • an understanding of interrelationships necessary to maintain social and emotional wellbeing
  • enable student's to gain confidence, self esteem and understanding
  • students with the skills to make appropriate decisions and independent thinking
  • a basis for the development of social and moral competence - of socially desirable attitudes, behaviours and values
  • the skills and strategies needed to work effectively in a team and to play happily with others.