Where potential soars


Our Cultures Precinct draws together a range of subjects that speak to the very heart of our humanity and challenge how we understand ourselves and others. Students examine a variety of texts and information and are then asked to consider the many
different ways in which we develop and share our world.

Cultures subjects deal with communication and interpretation from a wide range of perspectives and have a distinctly social purpose.

The overall aim of our Cultures curriculum is to broaden each student’s understanding of life, to help them understand their world. Whether it be learning about the narcissism of the 1920s by reenacting a party from The Great Gatsby, experiencing the Chinese language in our community by undertaking a retail walk of the Box Hill area or investigating the environment by conducting wetlands inventory, our students are engaged in their learning.

Trips of a lifetime

To enhance their language skills and expand their cultural knowledge, language and culture students are given the chance to experience an unforgettable trip overseas.


Through our relationship with the school "Lycée Arbez Carme" in France, students studying French in Years 9 - 11 have the opportunity to participate in a study tour  and hosting French students in alternate years. As well as immersing themselves in culture and language, it also gives students ample opportunity to enjoy the country's beautiful scenery. This experience provides students with extra motivation to excel in their language study. There is also the opportunity to go on extended exchanges through the NACEL organisation during the VCE years of study.


Students in Years 8 - 11 can enjoy a two-week visit to China. Travelling to our sister schools in Jiangsu Xishan Senior School and Gaoxin Number 1 Middle School, as well as taking in the Great Wall of China and sites in Beijing, the tour gives students a fantastic opportunity to practise their Chinese language skills and explore the
incredible history and cultural diversity of this unique country.