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Studies of Health and Physical Education are divided into Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Health and Sport.

Health Education

Studies of health are part of the classroom curriculum involving nutrition, health and safety awareness.

Outdoor Education

The camping program runs for students from Years 2 to 6 in a variety of settings such as inland and coastal. The program features opportunities to enhance social skills, physical fitness as well as educational components.

Physical Education

The focus of Physical Education is the establishment of a sound basis for healthy living, developing coordinated movement and socially desirable values and attitudes through participation in physical activity. A physical skills program is an integral part of the curriculum. In addition, children from Pre Prep to Year 2 take part in an intensive Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which aims to develop physical coordination, mental alertness and language development.


Students compete against other schools in the Blackburn District Primary School Sports Association mid-week sporting competitions in a range of team and individual pursuits including basketball, softball, rounders, tee-ball, cross country running, athletics, swimming and netball. These sports are conducted on a co-educational basis.