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Studio Arts – Photography 1 & 2



Studio Arts provides a framework for the establishment of effective art practices through an understanding and application of the design process. It enables students to specialise in a particular form of studio production. Students generate, explore and communicate ideas in the art form of photography and develop and use specialised skills in a range of media and techniques.


The theoretical component of the study informs students’ practice through an investigation of how selected studio forms have developed, the examination of artists’ working methods and understanding and appreciation of art styles and aesthetic qualities of a range of works.

At Kingswood College the Studio Arts course specialises in analogue and digital Photography. However, moving forward into Year 12 student independently choose their practical mediums based on their individual themes.


UNIT 1: Studio inspiration and techniques


Areas of Study

  1. Research and recording of ideas: Students investigate sources of inspiration and record their observations and ideas.
  2. Studio Practice: Students explore a range of materials and techniques and develop skills and control to make artworks. They investigate the ways visual effects are achieved and how ideas are conveyed.
  3. Interpretation of art ideas and use of materials and techniques: Students investigate works by different artists from different times and cultures to understand how artworks are conceived and produced.


On completion of this unit the student should be able to:

  1. Source ideas and inspiration and use a variety of methods to translate these into visual form.
  2. Explore and use a variety of materials and techniques to record and develop ideas and sources of inspiration.
  3. Discuss how artists from different times and cultures interpret sources of inspiration and use materials and techniques.



UNIT 2: Design exploration and concepts


Areas of Study

  1. Design exploration: Students focus on developing artworks through a design process, learning to explore individual ideas and sources of inspiration and through experiments with materials and techniques.
  2. Ideas and styles in artworks: Students must be able to analyse and discuss artworks from different times and cultures in relation to aesthetics, styles and ideas being communicated.


On completion of this unit the student should be able to:

  1. Develop a design process including visual research and inquiry in order to produce a variety of design explorations and a number of artworks
  2. Analyse and discuss the ways in which artists from different times and cultures have created aesthetic qualities, ideas and styles.


In all Studio Arts Units, satisfactory completion is based on the student’s demonstrated achievement of the set outcomes for the unit and of the student’s overall performance on assessment tasks.