Where potential soars


Kingswood College is dedicated to sustainable practice and responsible care for the environment. From an early age students are taught about the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle and learn strategies, skills and techniques to help them contribute towards a more eco-friendly world.

Through experiential and play-based activities, Early Learning Centre and Junior School students learn about the environment and the issues facing the world in which we live, including climate change and our earth’s limited resources.

Throughout Middle and Senior School, students gain a deeper appreciation of the world and the challenges faced by the global community - and how their personal decisions and positive actions, no matter how large or small, do make an important difference.

Our very real commitment to responsible and sustainable practices is evidenced by our award-winning, environmentally friendly Science building.  We also recycle and manage paper sources for all our promotional materials and have instigated a robust recycling program across the College. New initiatives are constantly being developed and implemented to ensure Kingswood College continues to lead in the education and practice of sustainable living.

Green, clean examples

Junior School students have steadily improved a section of the Gardiners Creek Reserve through mulching, weeding and planting indigenous plants while Middle School students monitor their classroom usage of electricity and implement strategies to become more efficient.