Where potential soars

Getting students ready for a lifetime of careers - in Year 10!

Kingswood College’s innovative Year 10 VCE STUDIES Program is teaching students how to future-proof their career choices.

Research suggests that students in the 21st Century will have up to seven different careers in their lifetime. The VCE STUDIES Program prepares students to be future-focused and career ready

Kingswood College is the only school in Victoria to offer the VCE STUDIES Program that provides students with essential skills in:

  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • financial literacy
  • digital literacy
  • critical thinking
  • presentations
  • communications
  • team work

In the VCE STUDIES Program, students develop their own individual Career Action Plan – giving them an understanding of their strengths, skills and aptitude – and allowing them to self-manage their learning and career goals. 

All coursework is completed online via a dedicated portal, and upon completion of Year 10 students attain the following nationally recognised certificates: 

  • 10584 National Certificate ll in Career Preparation
  • 10585 National Certificate lll in Career Advancement 

The units of study required to obtain these certificates have been mapped to the Year 10 curriculum and students complete these as part of their standard Year 10 course.

Having completed the two certificates, students are then eligible for two VCE units accredited in Year 11 and two VCE units accredited in Year 12, giving them a distinct advantage in their ATAR score.  

All of these skills are transferable and will help students to future-proof their careers choices and thrive in a rapidly changing world.