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Creative Digital Media 1 & 2

CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen and Media


This course is designed for students who are commencing their VCE VET Creative and Digital Media studies and who have a developing interest in Multimedia. If successfully completed, over Year 11 and 12, students will be eligible to receive Certificate III in Screen and Media at the conclusion of their studies in Year 12. In addition they will also receive Units 1 & 2 Creative and Digital Media in Year 11 and Units 3 & 4 Creative and Digital Media in Year 12.

At Year 11, the course develops skills and work habits related to industry practice, the creative thinking process, creating digital images for multimedia, designing and creating interactive content, film and editing and the production of multimedia products. On completion of the course students should have acquired skills which cross a range of industry sectors including: graphic design, advertising, visual arts, web and interactive product creation, film and multimedia design and production.

Units of Study

  1. BSBCRT301 – Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills: Students develop the habit of thinking in a more creative way. This includes looking at things differently, musing, testing, experimenting and challenging existing thought patterns. Products are designed, explored and creatively extended.
  2. CUADIG303 – Produce and prepare digital photo images: This unit concentrates on developing skills required to prepare photo images for integration into an interactive media sequence or product. The creation of digital still compositions and panoramas for the production of virtual worlds is undertaken together with producing images for landscapes, portraits, advertising and objects.
  3. BSBWHS201 – Contribute to health and safety of self and others: This unit teaches the skills and procedures required to work safely and to following OHS rules and regulations, in the multimedia industry. The identification of risks, risk minimisation and reporting procedures are investigated and applied to an existing workplace.
  4. CUAACD201 – Develop drawing skills to communicate ideas: This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to produce drawings which represent and communicate the concept. This is a core unit which complements all the specialisation units. It is different from the drawing specialisation units which focus on drawing as an art form.
  5. CUAIND301 – Work effectively in the creative arts industry: This unit arms students with skills and abilities to work in a team for filming and creating a range of multimedia productions. A variety of products are created in a team environment where students will take on specific production roles that contribute towards the creation of larger productions such as films.
  6. CUADIG201 – Maintain interactive content: This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to maintain interactive content.
  7. BSBDES201 – Follow a design process: This unit aims to enable students to follow a design process in response to specific issues or challenges arising from a particular client need. It encourages the development of design thinking. A challenge is defined, ideas generated, other ideas are developed with others and reflected upon, final ideas presented and implemented. An evaluation is undertaken to test whether the original challenge has been met.


Students must undertake numerous practical tasks during each semester. The goal is to show their growing competence in knowledge and skills for each unit. There are different outcomes for each unit. Many tasks are used for assessing competence. These include: planning and design briefs, online learning, practical production, self-paced practical tutorials, internet research and written reports. All work undertaken during lessons is directed towards outcome completion.

Exams: There is an internal examination at the end of the year covering all units studied.


There are no prerequisites for Unit 1 however some computer knowledge and having passed Year 9 or Year 10 Media will be an advantage. Students cannot enter Unit 2 without first having completed Unit 1 as OHS and the development of practical skills are core elements of the course in that unit.

Exams: There is an internal examination at the end of the year covering all units studied.

Academic Award

Students assessed as competent in all units are eligible for Units 1 & 2 in VCE VET Creative and Digital Media. They are also eligible for entry into Units 3 & 4 Creative and Digital Media at Year 12 level. Each unit successfully completed will be detailed on a Certificate of Attainment. Their full Certificate III in Screen and Media is issued at the successful completion of Year 12 Units 3 & 4 Creative and Digital Media.

Units 1 & 2 should be undertaken before students study Unit 3 & 4