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VET Creative Digital Media

CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen & Media – Units 3 & 4


This course is designed for students who are continuing their VCE VET Creative Digital Media studies from Year 11. If successfully completed, over Year 11 and 12, students will be eligible to receive Certificate III in Screen & Media at the conclusion of their studies in Year 12. They will also receive Units 3 & 4 VCE VET Creative Digital Media.

At Year 12, the course concentrates on developing skills and work habits related to the creation of media products containing 2D animation, writing content and copy, designing different interactive presentations, preparing design concepts and components for media products, preparing video for different purposes and creating interactive media product.

UNITS 3 & 4

These units extend student skills and practices related to working in the multimedia industry in a creative and productive manner. Students will learn about and create 2D animations, write content for various media and plan and create designs for a variety of media products.

Units of Study

  1. CUAANM301 – Create 2D digital animations: This unit introduces 2D animation skills directed at developing animations for inclusion in interactive media products, short stand-alone animated sequences and basic games. Ideas are explored and generated, plans created and audio assets are integrated into animations. Animations are created for walking and talking characters and for advertisements.
  2. CUADIG302 - Author interactive sequences: The design and creation of interactive products is the focus of this unit. Students will design and produce websites and interactive products in this unit. It is expected that design principles will be applied along with written content as appropriate to the chosen products. Some scripting may be expected to be included in the authoring process of some products.
  3. BSBDES302 - Explore & apply the creative design process to 2D forms: In this unit students apply the creative design process to the development of 2-dimensional forms related to a range of interactive digital media products including animations, websites and interactive media products.
  4. CUAWRT301 - Write content for a range of media:¨The skills and knowledge presented in this unit will enable students to write both original and re-purposed non-narrative content for a range of media. Content is written for websites, news and promotional announcements for radio, newsletters and audio or visual presentations as well as magazine reviews and content for packaging of multimedia products. Target audience is important and is used to design content written for a variety of media forms.
  5. CUADIG304 - Create visual design components: The key principles and practice of graphic design are applied to the creation of a range of media products. Ideas are discussed, plans generated and applied to final media products including interactive designs for websites, animations and interactive presentations.


Students must undertake numerous practical tasks during each semester. The goal is to show their growing competence in knowledge and skills for each unit.

There are different outcomes for each unit. Many tasks are used for assessing competence. These include: planning and design briefs, on-line learning, practical production, self-paced practical tutorials, Internet research and written reports. All work undertaken during lessons is directed towards outcome completion.
Prerequisites: As VCE VET Creative & Digital Media is a course offered over two years with compulsory units studied in Year 11, it is not possible to enter Units 3 & 4 without first having successfully completed Units 1 & 2.

Outcomes – Units 3 & 4 – Assessment Tasks & Examination

Students undertake a number of Assessment Tasks over the year as part of normal VCE assessment procedure. Each task assesses a number of units. There is a two-hour practical external examination at the end of the year covering all units studied.

Academic Award

Students assessed as competent in all units are eligible for Units 3 & 4 in VCE VET Creative Digital Media. If all units are successfully completed over Year 11 and 12 they will be issued their full Certificate III in Screen & Media, otherwise, a Certificate of Attainment will be issued listing those units successfully completed.

Their results will also contribute to their VCE ATAR score.

Units 1 & 2 should be undertaken before students study Unit 3 & 4