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Visual Communication Design 3 & 4


The Visual Communication Design study examines the way visual language can be used to convey ideas,information and messages in the fields of communication, environmental and industrial design. Designers create and communicate through visual means to influence everyday life for individuals, communities and societies. Visual Communication design relies on drawing as the primary component of visual language to support the conception and visualisation of ideas. Consequently, the study emphasises the importance of developing a variety of drawing skills to visualise thinking and to present potential solutions.

Students employ a design process to generate and develop visual communications. The design process provides a structure to organise design thinking and is shaped by considerations of aesthetics and functionality, as well as social, cultural, environmental and economic factors. Students develop the skills to communicate ideas through manipulation and organisation of design elements, design principles, selected media, materials and methods of production. Creative, critical and reflective thinking supports students to progress through the design process.

Throughout the study, students explore manual and digital methods to develop and refine presentations.

UNIT 3: Visual Communication Designs Practices

Areas of Study

  1. Analysis and practice in context
  2. Design Industry Practice
  3.  Developing a brief and generating ideas


On completion of this unit students should be able to:

  1. Create visual communications for specific contexts, purposes and audiences that are informed by their analysis of existing visual communications in the three design fields.
  2. Discuss the practices of a contemporary designer from each of the design fields and explain factors that influence these practices.
  3. Apply design thinking in preparing a brief with two communication needs for a client, undertaking research and generating a range of ideas relevant to the brief.

UNIT 4: Visual communication design development, evaluation and presentation

Areas of Study

  1. Development, Refinement, Evaluation
  2. Final Presentations


On completion of this unit students should be able to:

  1. Develop distinctly different concepts for each communication need and devise a pitch to present concepts to an audience, evaluating the extent to which these concepts meet the requirements of the brief.
  2. Produce a final visual communication presentation for each communication need that satisfies the requirements of the brief.



There will be a written examination of 1½ hours in November related to Unit 3 and 4.