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Kingswood College Wyvernian Association


The Wyvernian Association is to work with the College to facilitate the ongoing connection between the school and its past students.
The Association is also to provide networking opportunities to assist with the development and maintenance of the broader Kingswood community.

Networking - Reunions

Foster and maintain connection between the school and past students.
Provide networking opportunities, to assist with broadening the community profile of the school and continued development of the Wyvernian Association Members.
Provide marketing opportunities for children of past students to attend the school.


Maintain regular communication with the Alumni.
Identify past students that are currently not on the database.


Work with the school to assist with identification of past students that can contribute to the development of current students and the general school community.
Assist with documenting, and displaying history of the school, and ensuring that the ‘school story’ is known.

Fund Raising/Philanthropy

Be self-sustaining.
Engage the Alumni in the development of the school through philanthropic and fund raising activities.

Social Activities

Provide opportunities for attendance at other activities including social, PFA and general school activities.