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Café Masterclass


Students will build upon their basic culinary skills and cooking techniques through meal planning while having the opportunity to use new and advanced technology. Throughout the semester students gain two industry certificates: Food Handlers Certificate and Basic Espresso Making Skills Certificate. They conduct practical research by visiting local cafes, and food halls, food markets and specialty food outlets investigating what new foods and ingredients are available in the marketplace.


Students use the design process to produce menus consisting of simple and complex dishes suitable to be served in the exciting Melbourne Café scene. Practical application and assessment of their theory component will be tested by students creating a café where they will serve invited guests at a lunchtime venue in the Cato dining room.

Areas of Study

Research into design brief highlighting techniques and complex food processes accompanied with safe handling of food in a real café situation.

Unit 1

Students will practically trial food solutions to design briefs focusing on the food suitable to be served in the exciting Melbourne café scene. Newspaper food reviews will be analysed and some suggested food items prepared and evaluated.

Unit 2

Students will prepare menus for their real café solutions which they will cook and serve to peers and staff at designated lunchtime café

Assessment Tasks

  1. Food Handlers Certificate
  2. Basic Espresso Coffee Making Skills Certificate
  3. Market and Restaurant Review
  4. Herb and Spices Assignment
  5. Mystery box Challenge
  6. Café Evaluation


Satisfactory completion of the Assessment Tasks.