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Chinese – Mandarin

Duration    Whole year


  • To enhance speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Chinese.
  • To develop understanding of the systematic nature of Chinese and languages in general.
  • To appreciate and respect the views of others and the way of life, culture and thought in communities where Chinese is spoken.
  • To develop self-awareness and a sense of personal and cultural identity.
  • To prepare students for a broader range of experiences in future use of Chinese in social and cultural activities including leisure, work and study.

Areas of Study

Clothes, expressing opinion about clothes, colours, describing people, talking about school life, indicating a change, giving someone your address, counting from 100 to 9999, asking for permission, talking about school subjects, timetables and exams, Chinese cuisine.

Linguistic elements
Verbs and verb phrases, resultative verbs, directional verbs, auxiliary verbs, coverbs, durative aspects, verb reduplication, adverbs, post-verbal complements, localisers, numerical expressions, monetary expressions, places in a family, particles, exclamatory sentences, special constructions, subjectless sentences, double objective, cohesive devices, co-ordinating constructions.

Cultural component
Famous Chinese people, Chinese fashion, traditional dress, Chinese educational system, martial arts, Chinese cuisine.

Communication Skills

  • Speaking – class discussions, spontaneous role plays and presentations.
  • Listening – understand main ideas in a spoken text and obtain information to complete notes, charts and tables in Chinese and English.
  • Writing – two to three paragraphs of approximately 100 characters.
  • Reading – understand main ideas in a text, such as an article, to answer questions, complete notes, tables and charts.


  • Students are required to complete one cultural assignment per semester on one aspect of the cultural component.
  • Students are required to complete written exercises and to learn new vocabulary.
  • Students are assessed on their performance in weekly tests of vocabulary and periodic tests of grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Semester examinations