Where potential soars


Duration      1 Semester


The understanding and application of business principles is a vital component for a successful life.  Our whole world is based on the principles of economic thinking. This unit will primarily focus on the following areas that will then be integrated to provide a look into the global marketplace.

Areas of study

Topics to be covered include:

  • Business concepts and terminology
  • Relationship between businesses and the economy
  • Nature and interdependence of businesses, and economic growth
  • Characteristics of money and banking in an economy
  • Introduction to the Australian Stock Market (ASX)
  • Examining stock fluctuations, does ASX activity drive the economy or is it just a barometer of that economic activity?
  • How markets work? The Law of Demand, The Law of Supply
  • Why do nations trade? Trend towards globalisation
  • The role of China in Australia’s global trading
  • Managing the Australian Economy
  • Linking Household, Banking, Business and Government Sectors
  • Australian Business Entrepreneurs

This elective provides a comprehensive grounding for Year 11 and 12 Business Management.  Media analysis will assist discussions of business and economic concepts.  Students are encouraged to read widely and note new terms.  In turn these will be incorporated into your regular vocabulary and written and oral answers to class questions.


There will be a range of assessment tasks such as:

  • Short answer tests
  • Presentations on stimulus material
  • Group projects
  • Class participation
  • Tests on glossary terms
  • Semester examination