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Creative Digital Media and Film


If you are interested in animation, filmmaking and photography then this is the course for you! In Media you will have an opportunity to create a number of projects that give you a greater insight into the world of the visual media.  We will use current industry software programs to help you manipulate, edit and produce your work while you will have access to the Kingswood College TV studio and recording facilities to make your work look polished and professional.

Areas of Study:

Digital Animation 
Students are further introduced to animation techniques using Illustrator and Flash. They learn how to create animated characters and storytelling through Rotoscoping – turning live action film into a cartoon.

Video Production
 Methods of filming and editing for studio and location production are introduced and practiced. These cover narrative film and documentary production. A final piece is planned, filmed and edited.

Photo Manipulation
Students are introduced to studio lighting and how to create portrait photographic works.


Designing and producing an Rotoscoped animation project.

Planning, filming and producing a narrative short film and a documentary film.

Planning and producing a studio portrait photograph.

Presenting a ‘pitch’ of their planned work for all video and multimedia productions.


All outcomes set are to be completed. Written, oral and practical elements will be used to assess students. There is an emphasis on individual assessment involving a range of presentation methods and production exercises along with group assessment.

This study leads to VCE/VET Creative Digital Media.