Where potential soars


Duration: One Year

Prerequisite: Consultation and interview on recommendation


This subject is designed to support and assist students who have previously undertaken LINKS classes and who will benefit from additional attention to the improvement of skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. This course complements other subjects and develops skills that are essential for all subject areas (literacy skills, organisation and study skills). There will also be a particular focus on how to best apply these skills to learning on a range of situations and provide the opportunity for the teacher to individually monitor the progress of students in key learning areas.

Areas of study:

  • Executive function skills including: Planning, organisation and prioritising tasks, materials, and information, separate main ideas from details, thinking flexibly, memorise content and self-monitor their own progress.
  • Essay planning and application
  • Research techniques
  • Preparation for exams including study and revision techniques
  • Listening and sustained articulation skills
  • Reading for meaning and understanding the complexities of written material
  • Thinking skills: developing skills in seeing information from another perspective
  • Writing in a range of styles


Anecdotal and self-reflection against personally documented goals for learning and development.