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Music Performance


Classroom, Instrumental and Ensemble Music programs are part of a coherent and unified curriculum which allows broad scope for individual development. In Music Performance, students are instructed in identifying and manipulating rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture in their listening, composing and performing. They prepare and rehearse works for performance and develop an understanding of the expressive characteristics and style of musical works.

Duration    1 Semester


Students document the development their ideas and choice of musical processes using a range of formats and relevant music terminology. Music Performance focuses on the influence of twentieth century Music. Students participate in class activities, ensembles and study theoretical applications, gaining a greater understanding of the social impact of music.

Areas of Study


Students demonstrate understanding through performance on their chosen instrument.
They perform music applying techniques and expression to interpret the composer’s use of elements of music.

Preparing for Performance

Students practice and rehearse to refine a variety of performance repertoire with increasing technical and interpretative skill. They evaluate a range of music and compositions to inform and refine their own compositions and performances.

Music Language

Students use aural and theoretical skills to recognise and notate elements of music such as pitch and rhythm sequences. They use knowledge of the elements of music, style and notation to compose, document and analyse music.


  • Performance
  • Preparing for Performance
  • Music Language