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Product Design and Technology


Product Design and Technology is offered at Years 7–10 with increased skills and competencies at each level. 

The Design Process sets out a path for solving a problem or meeting a need.  Students will follow the design process of investigating, designing, producing and evaluating products.

Technology education aims to develop in students a self-confidence and self-sufficiency in dealing with technology production issues.

This subject can lead into VCE Product Design Technology.

Duration      1 Semester


Students will be building upon skills gained in Years 7, 8 & 9, and be challenged with more complex design problems.  Students will continue to develop their talent as designers, operators and users of technology.  Students will follow a design brief to produce ideas and working drawings to manufacture individual models.  Those considering pursuing Product Design and Technology into VCE will be encouraged to produce more detailed designs and models.  Research, design drawings, production notes and product evaluation will all be included in the design folio.  Students will always follow safe and competent workshop practises.  Design and materials issues will be discussed with written evaluation and analysis submitted for assessment.

Areas of Study

  1. Aspects of Design
  2. Uses of tools and equipment
  3. Safety in the workshop
  4. Materials, properties and uses
  5. Production of models
  6. Working plans and specifications
  7. Investigation, analysis and evaluation of manufactured products

Assessment Tasks

  1. Design folio
  2. Productions
  3. Design exercises
  4. Research and Investigation


Students are required to complete all of the Assessment Tasks to a satisfactory standard.