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Photography teaches the skills and processes of ‘Black & White’ photography and darkroom procedures.

The subject introduces students to the care and operation of photographic equipment, including the SLR camera and photographic enlargers. Students are taught correct processing and printing and are encouraged to explore ideas in an imaginative way, developing an awareness of the techniques and skills required to produce photographic images of quality.

The course builds on Year 9 Photography and prepares students for the demands of a VCE folio or subject.

Duration    1 Semester


Photography is a practical subject exploring a range of topics and skills using manual SLR cameras and black and white film.

Students are taught the correct operation of the Single Lens Reflex camera and the ways in which images are controlled through combinations of aperture and shutter speed. The course builds an understanding of the photographic process both for film development and darkroom printing and explores the ways in which visual images can be captured and enhanced through the application of correct camera and darkroom knowledge.

An understanding of traditional Black and White Photography practices and operation of manual SLR cameras equips the students with a sound awareness of how various effects may be achieved. This knowledge has practical applications for the study of digital photography that is taught at VCE.

The student’s workbook becomes a reference for processes and procedures and is used to document photographic ideas, completed assignment work and relevant research.

Areas of Study

Arts practice involves a series of set assignments developing the student’s understanding of processes, photographic skills, camera care and operation, darkroom procedures and photographic design.

Each assignment has a specific focus enabling students to progressively develop technical skills and to build a folio of effective visual imagery. Students will participate in photo shoots at different locations and explore various techniques.

Responding to the Arts requires students to study the history of photography and the work of selected artists. Students must show their understanding of the important achievements in the history of photographic process, technique and style.


  • Folio
  • Workbook