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Body in Motion

Body in Motion


The course is designed to provide an extension to those students who wish to explore beyond the bounds of the regular Physical Education program. It develops knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and focuses on the practical application of such knowledge in relation to sport, physical education and recreation. The areas of study in fitness and body systems offer students an insight into some of the components of the VCE Physical Education program.

Duration    1 Semester


Students will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of fitness for sport and the effect of training on an athlete’s fitness levels.
  • Apply their knowledge of the body systems to practical situations.
  • Understand how to effectively design a personal fitness program that focuses on specific parts of the body and components of fitness they are interested in developing.

Areas of Study

Areas of fitness / fitness programs:
Introduces the students to the components of fitness and assessment of fitness. Students analyse their own fitness levels and create and implement a training program designed to improve their own performance.

Body systems and energy:
Introduces the components and functions of the body systems and their contribution and interactions during physical activity.

The basics of sport nutrition, including ideal pre and post event meals.

Learning Tasks / Assessment

Students are expected to participate in practical classes using appropriate gear. Students should satisfactorily complete all assessment tasks and provide comments in theoretical classes.

  • Fitness Training program – design and implementation
  • Fitness components & Energy Systems practical analysis
  • Test: Body Systems
  • Completion of subject workbook Topic Quizzes
  • Examination