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Programming & Games Development


Programming, Games Development will explore a range of programming languages and game genres. In this elective you will write your own mobile game and use a range of editing techniques and digital drawing skills to produce a variety of sprite designs. We will look at occupations in the games industry and the future of gaming in Australia

Duration    1 Semester


This elective aims to develop and extend a student’s skills in programming, with an emphasis on common programming constructs and the development of logical algorithms. It will also allow the students to explore a range of diverse skills required in the games industry.

Areas of Study

Skill development

  • Basic understanding of atleast two programming languages
  • 2-D and 3-D digital drawing skills
  • Presentation of information to an audience
  • Understanding of the games industry
  • OHS considerations


Students will design a couple of projects that may include:

  1. A range of mobile device games
  2. A 3-d Digital landscape
  3. A range of sprite designs and other assets
  4. Presentations on various areas of the games industry


Students must demonstrate an understanding of design practices and complete all work outcomes to a satisfactory standard.

  • A Digital Portfolio of Mobile Games and Assets
  • Planning documentation
  • Games Industry Theory