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Theatre Studies


Work in this study varies to reflect the abilities and interests of the students through an exploration of theatrical elements, which give form and definition to dramatic expression. Students are able to select various study units, which explore the craft of theatre and drama. Theatre Studies provides students with opportunities to develop their personal skills.

Duration    1 Semester


This course is designed to prepare the student for the transition into VCE Drama or Theatre Studies.

Areas of Study

Arts practice
Students will focus on script interpretation, character development, improvisation for both individual and group performances and the importance of thorough preparation and rehearsal.

Students will explore the different performance styles developed through a study of Theatrical History. Students will present their work in a variety of styles, employing many approaches and techniques.

This course also involves some analytical and research exercises performance reviews and tutorial presentations to an audience.

Responding to the Arts
Students identify the role of Drama at particular times in history.



Naturalism Unit:

  • Performance of a solo
  • Character Analysis assignment

Non-naturalism Unit:

  • Performance of Ensemble

Workbook and personal reflection
Performance Analysis
– part of exam.