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Visual Art


Art encourages the development of individual concepts and skills.  Students use innovative approaches to explore and develop ideas as they continue to refine images and forms. Observation and investigation are key elements of the course. Students document their sources of imagery and further develop their concepts, demonstrating competence in their skills and processes and an understanding of the elements of composition and design.

Duration      1 Semester


Students choosing Art in Year 10 apply their developing skills to more advanced ideas, focussing on works that explore creative and technical challenges. Students work towards developing an individual style in art as they explore ideas and sources of imagery. Works may be inspired by the style of particular artists and concepts. Students have the choice of working on larger and more ambitious works. The study of art and artists is closely related to the development of the Arts practice folio.

A workbook documents thinking and working processes and is used to record responses to themes and concepts as students record and express their understanding of arts works.

Areas of Study

Arts practice involves the making and presenting of works that explore innovative approaches and ideas. Students must demonstrate their technical skills, using a range of processes and showing an ability to select and design effective visual solutions appropriate to their concepts and themes.

Responding to the Arts requires students to identify and describe characteristics of the works of particular artists and styles.

Students study artworks in galleries and other contexts and discuss issues of contemporary culture and the role of the Visual Arts.


  • Folio
  • Workbook