Where potential soars

Model for Learning


Our passionate, committed and caring teachers engage and support students to achieve their personal best as global citizens. Students flourish through a holistic program, one that develops the whole student – their Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. 

Kingswood College's wellbeing and Positive Education program underpins all of our academic programs and is critical in helping to shape well-rounded, self-assured individuals.


The skills to think, reason, evaluate, judge, discern, explore, express and communicate about the world within and at large.


Physical wellbeing through sport, physical education, PMP, health education, outdoor education and our Inspire! program.


Contributing to a culture of care and compassion for others. Expression through visual arts, drama, music and performance, the study of languages and culture.


Seeing oneself within the broader context of the universe, nurturing mental and emotional wellbeing of self and others.