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Kingswood College’s Portable Energy Tool (PET)

PET. noun/acronym/endearment Portable Energy Tool.

Affectionately known as PET, Kingswood College’s Portable Energy Tool is an innovative example of how technology can be used to provide efficient solutions for everyday electricity uses. PET epitomises Kingswood College’s vision of providing innovative, engaging and collaborative programs for students and staff. A team effort, PET was imagined, designed and built by passionate Kingswood College staff and students from across the College.

Designed and built at the College it is a portable source of renewable energy that students can access in the classroom or utilises anywhere on the College campus. It is a practical device that can power entire events, such as a student rock concert. It is also a tool that teachers can use to leverage their curriculum. PET is not only unique, innovative and educational, but lovable too!


PET is a custom built mobile micro power station.
Sporting a removable 70watt solar array on the top, it can be left in the sun to recharge the onboard battery for later use. It can easily charge a set of class iPads while simultaneously powering a media player; and boasts the ability to power external 240V devices such as musical equipment, computers and fans for summer cooling.
The design is deliberately open and modular allowing students to see the components at work and understand their function.


The PET’s purposes are both practical and educational. It has powered major events at the College, has been used at all levels in the classroom, and as a basic iPad charger and ‘hands on’ resource for studying renewable energy. Throughout the academic year the PET makes its way around the different learning and teaching spaces across the College providing power, entertainment, education and interest in how it works and its uses.
The PET regularly recharges students iPads and phones. Amongst other things, it has powered a rock concert, a World Environment Day interactive kiosk, Zumba sessions, and lighting for a book reading evening.

Electrical Capabilities

The PET provides 240V power outlets, and any standard electrical device can be plugged in -provided the wattage demanded is low to medium. Many of these power points are on board, but the capacity for extendable power leads is built in to run devices like projectors, amplifiers, or lighting. It has a maximum total power output of 0.6kW, and a total storage capacity of 1kWh.
Below are examples of what is practically possible before solar recharging is required.

Class set of iPads: Fully recharge all iPads several times over several days.
Recharge class set of laptops: One full charge
Several Pedestal Fans: One full school day runtime
School rock band in concert: 90 minutes runtime
Lighting for night-time book reading event: Several hours runtime