Where potential soars

Message from Principal

Founded in 1890, Kingswood College is an independent school with a long and proud history of delivering an innovative, holistic education for girls and boys from Kindergarten to Year 12.

We believe that student wellbeing is the platform for success at school and in life. Teaching for wellbeing at Kingswood College involves the principles of Positive Education, where our focus is on developing the skills for academic achievement alongside building skills to support lifelong wellbeing. Our students succeed because they are both nurtured and challenged to explore their true potential.

Our ethos at Kingswood College is to encourage and support each student to achieve their personal best, to be self-aware, enquiring and resourceful, a well-rounded individual with an independent mind who respects and empathises with others. We do this in partnership with parents, recognising the fundamental role that families play in shaping the life of their child.

Kingswood College students learn the value of respectful relationships between teachers, friends and peers, family and community members. Students at Kingswood College benefit from a holistic education, one that develops the whole person – their mind, body, heart and spirit, so that students can live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Supported by a strong wellbeing program, passionate teachers and a culture of creativity and inclusion, students are given unlimited opportunities to grow and develop as individuals, as well as members of our local, national and global community.  Kingswood College students are happy, confident individuals, with a strong sense of identity.

A Kingswood College education is not an end in itself – it is the foundation for life-long learning – a time when students can discover their true gifts and passions,
so their potential can soar.

Elisabeth Lenders