In simplest terms, our Model for Learning is why we exist, and our contract with families in just one page. Kingswood College exists to provide a broad, holistic and student-centred education for the students in our care.

Our model is a metaphor – representing growth. Just as plants flourish when they have a strong root system, this is where our four College values are found: Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Responsibility. We seek to live out and promote these values in all that we do, knowing that they provide an excellent foundation for living a good life, and that these values are strong building blocks for a good society.

We are committed to educating the mind, body, heart and spirit of each young person: all of who they are. We want them to be caring, courageous, curious, collaborative, creative and confident individuals.

The people in the model are our students, families and staff at the College – recognising that education has a deeply social purpose, and has the capacity to transform the lives of individuals and contribute to a better world locally, nationally and globally.


From Day 1, we nurture our students’ minds via a carefully crafted mix of engaging activities and real-world learning experiences. In the early years, it begins with fostering their curiosity and creativity. By the senior years, it has evolved into producing students who are independent and capable learners – armed with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude. We firmly believe that education isn’t just about achieving academic success – although that, of course, is a very important by-product. It’s about helping students become the very best people they can be, where they appreciate and utilise their own unique talents.


Through competitive and participation-oriented programs, our students also develop valuable teamwork, leadership and strategy skills. Physical education provides the building blocks for a lifetime of health and other important social and psychological benefits. We believe that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and our learning agenda reflects this.


Education of the heart is all about contribution, care and compassion – leading to a deeper self-understanding. We believe that each student has a unique mix of gifts and talents. By appreciating their individual strengths and passions, we encourage our students to express themselves and to use their talents to make a better world.


Who are we and what is our place in the universe? Education of the spirit tackles the crucial questions about life and its many meanings. Our students are prompted to examine their own values and beliefs and to view themselves in the broader context of the universe. By helping instil mental and emotional wellbeing, education of the spirit explores the notion of what it means to ‘live a good life’.

Model for Learning

A tree-based metaphor for growth, our Model for Learning embodies a truly holistic education that nurtures each student’s mind, body, heart and spirit – allowing their potential to soar.

Jigsaw for a World Class School

Kingswood College has developed the Jigsaw for a World Class School. It informs our approach to delivering our Model for Learning. To do so, key supports or jigsaw pieces must be in place:

• Quality Staff
• Strong Community Engagement
• Desirable Work and Learning Environment
• Appropriate Facilities and Resources
• Sustainable Business Operations

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