ThinkPlus is a revolutionary new teaching methodology that provides students from ELC to Year 12 with positive, practical brain knowledge that helps them learn how to learn more effectively.

ThinkPlus – positive, practical brain knowledge for students of all ages.

The ThinkPlus metacurriculum (a fancy way of saying “thinking curriculum”) demonstrates that intelligence isn’t actually fixed but learnable. ThinkPlus teaches students to harness a growth mindset – wiring and rewiring their brain to get smarter; to increase their intelligence. ThinkPlus is about the power of a growth mindset and the concept of ‘yet’. “I don’t understand…yet!” Mistakes are merely temporary setbacks – they’re actually welcome and in fact necessary on the journey to success.

Positive ongoing questioning, and constructive feedback, challenges students to stretch themselves out of their comfort zones. This helps them achieve results they previously would not have thought possible.

Participating in ThinkPlus helps give students greater confidence, makes learning more enjoyable and enables them to better navigate the challenges of being a student in the 21st century. Ultimately, ThinkPlus empowers students to discover for themselves that “E for Effort” really is the most important mark of all.

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