Based on the principles of Positive Education, our program enables students to achieve their personal best in academic, cultural, personal, spiritual and sporting areas when they are individually cared for, encouraged and valued.

Central to Kingswood College’s ethos is the expectation that all Kingswood College students will utilise their character strengths and contribute their rich and varied talents in the classroom, on the sporting field, on the stage or in the wider community. Students are continually challenged to give their best.

Kingswood College’s wellbeing and Positive Education program underpins all of our academic programs and is critical in helping to shape well-rounded, self-assured individuals. The College chaplaincy and wellbeing programs at Kingswood College aim to assist students requiring support for personal, social or academic reasons in a confidential and safe environment.

Through these services we work in partnership with families, teachers, peers and other professionals to provide students with the skills and support for them to make informed and responsible decisions about their own wellbeing. The counselling and chaplaincy programs are of a voluntary nature and students can use these services at their discretion and in confidence.

Kingswood College is a child safe organisation.

Mental Health

Kingswood College is dedicated to the positive mental and physical wellbeing of all our students and staff.  The positive wellbeing, mental and physical, of each individual is paramount to success in life, work and relationships. Kingswood College focuses on wellbeing as a priority in our College, community and work place.

Students across the College participate in regular wellbeing programs that focus on their mental health, and there is also a dedicated whole College Mental Health Day.

KWC + Wellbeing

Of equal importance to the academic program at Kingswood College is the Wellbeing Program – with its varied themes interweaving across the different sections of the College. Students learn about self-esteem and self-awareness are encouraged to discover and understand their individual learning styles.

In the early years, our programs teach students about the basic concepts of self-esteem, resilience, self-awareness, and how our behaviour and actions can affect and impact on others.

As children progress through the College into the middle and senior years, they attend dedicated conferences and programs that facilitate deeper and more meaningful ideas and connections around personal and social wellbeing.

Recurring elements include: resilience, self-esteem, positive mental health, teamwork, peer respect and responsibility, relationships, compassion, communication, the environment and the global community.

Mind, Body, Heart + Spirit

MIND: From Day 1, we nurture our students’ minds via a carefully crafted mix of engaging activities and real-world learning experiences. In the early years, it begins with fostering their curiosity and creativity. By the senior years, it has evolved into producing students who are independent and capable learners – armed with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.

We firmly believe that education isn’t just about achieving academic success – although that, of course, is a very important by-product. It’s about helping students become the very best people they can be, where they appreciate and utilise their own unique talents.

BODY: Through competitive and participation-oriented programs, our students also develop valuable teamwork, leadership and strategy skills. Physical education provides the building blocks for a lifetime of health and other important social and psychological benefits. We believe that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and our learning agenda reflects this.

HEART: Education of the heart is all about contribution, care and compassion – leading to a deeper self-understanding. We believe that each student has a unique mix of gifts and talents. By appreciating their individual strengths and passions, we encourage our students to express themselves and to use their talents to make a better world.

SPIRIT: Who are we and what is our place in the universe? Education of the spirit tackles the crucial questions about life and its many meanings. Our students are prompted to examine their own values and beliefs and to view themselves in the broader context of the universe. By helping instil mental and emotional wellbeing, education of the spirit explores the notion of what it means to ‘live a good life’.


In our quest to grow and shape well-rounded, self-assured individuals, Kingswood College’s unique LATTICE framework is underpinned by the unifying principles of Positive Education.

Positive Education focuses on specific skills that can help our students strengthen their relationships, encourage more positive thinking, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Whether in the classroom, on the sporting field, on the stage or in the wider community, students are continually challenged to give their best.

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