Creating the future of education

The world has changed beyond our imagination. It’s time to transform education too. Kingswood College has revolutionised our approach to learning so our students can face the future with confidence.

Developed from extensive research, Kingswood’s Future Learning model removes existing barriers to education. It expands traditional classroom structures with collaborative, project-based learning using proven strategies.

A key component of the model is the Global Citizens Program – a hands-on learning experience that immerses students in the broader community. This program is one of the first of its kind in the world to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Future Learning promotes an array of cross-curricular skills in a physical learning environment. Our teachers will be both facilitators and mentors to students, closely monitoring the progress and growth of every individual at a personal level.

Kingswood will still be the same welcoming and inclusive community where every student belongs, but the school day will look and sound different. There are no bells and a much more flexible timetable. Each day will involve exercise and the traditional school uniform will be replaced with an active wear wardrobe.

Future Learning will educate every student so all Kingswood College graduates leave school as true citizens of the world-generous, creative and curious – ready to create the future in their own way.


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