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As an educator of many years, I often find myself reflecting upon what truly sets a school apart. In other words, what differentiates a good school, from a great one? Perhaps the best way to answer this is to describe the culture and community here at Kingswood College.

Put simply, at Kingswood College, we have an unrelenting commitment to student-centred education of the Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit, and we are collectively dedicated to our young people. We constantly seek to ensure that all members of our community truly BELONG and the integrity of difference is both nurtured and celebrated.

When you visit our College you will get a feel for our learning and people-focussed environment -one that truly sets us apart. There are some core ingredients to the Kingswood College experience, that when combined, create a refreshingly future-focussed learning community. Let me share them with you:

These ten key parts form the hallmarks of what make a Kingswood College education a gift that lasts a lifetime. Collectively, they live out our commitment to a broad, holistic, student-centred education of the mind, body, heart and spirit in a community setting, designed to help our young people become their best selves and make a positive difference in the world. The size of our community, as well as its nature, helps us all to feel that we belong.

Our Vision

‘To be a world-class school known for our innovation, engagement and collaboration; where our students’ potential soars because we nurture and challenge them to know themselves and achieve their personal best as global citizens.’

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