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ALL of us at Kingswood College proudly acknowledge the amazing efforts of our school community for going above and beyond during COVID-19 remote learning.

From teachers and staff, to our hands-on parents, everyone contributed to ensuring that our students continued to learn and be engaged in a high-quality learning program from home.

Every parent with school-aged children in Melbourne understands the value of good teachers but the feedback we have received from numerous appreciative families confirms ours were outstanding during lockdown. 85%* of parents rated the overall online learning experience as either Satisfied or Very satisfied. This is a testament to the enormous dedication and support of our teachers and allied staff.

The overall sentiment of responses is reflected in this comment from a parent: ‘we are lucky we have dedicated teachers who can adapt so quickly and make the experience of remote learning as good as it can possibly be’.

Other feedback emphasised how Kingswood students were much better prepared to manage remote learning because technology is embraced and integrated into the classroom from early years.

Teachers and staff adapted swiftly, implementing new software and adjusted approaches to deliver the curriculum in clear, strategic ways, as well as finding inventive ways to engage their students.

Communication was always open, positive, and emphasised the sense of belonging that is at the heart of the school community.

Kingswood’s Principal provided regular updates via Facebook and our YouTube channel, College Captains delivered morning messages to their fellow students, and self-expression through music, theatre and exercise online all helped keep us close.

Life on campus is in full swing again and we are well placed to make the learning experience even more fulfilling for our students. Come and experience our community for yourself. Book a school tour and discover the Kingswood College difference.

*Online learning survey of Kingswood College parents

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