For details on each of the school areas please click on the labels listed below.

Annette Bennet Science Centre Annette Bennet Science Centre

Watch this video to find out how our dedicated science centre and the experienced teachers within help students ‘find the switch’ that encourages them to embrace and engage with all things STEM.

Middle School Middle School

From football to Zumba classes, the sky is limit. Our Daily Physical Activity Program gives every student at Kingswood College the chance to express themselves and supports their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at the same time.

Kingswear Kingswear

Join us here to see how ‘up and about’ the new two-times a year active wear helps students to become. Kingswear also adds another dimension to the feeling of comfort and belonging students have at Kingswood College.

CATO Centre CATO Centre

Learn how the College encourages students to express themselves through culinary pursuits and the myriad hospitality skills – all provided within an inspiring architectural space.

Senior School Senior School

This video explains how senior years at Kingswood College are about finding a pathway that’s best for each individual student. So they can be assured in who they are, and go into the world with confidence.

Brimacombe Hall Brimacombe Hall

Watch this video for a taste of the creative opportunities available for students to explore through music at Kingswood College. From exploring their own innate musicality as youngsters to nurturing the breadth of their individual abilities as older students.

Design Centre Design Centre

Get a sense of the creative world available to design students at the College – from hands-on skills across traditional media to exploring ideas that generate high-tech, innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Visual Arts Visual Arts

Design is an important creative dimension to the learning choices offered at Kingswood College. Explore this video to experience how students explore the highly diverse spectrum of design.

Sports Centre Sports Centre

In 2021, Kingwood College was awarded the Sports School of the Year reflects both staff and student buy-in and demonstrates the value of our physical education program.

Imaginarium (ELC) Imaginarium (ELC)

Let your imagination loose in Kingswood College’s new Imaginarium. As evocative as the name suggests, this centre offers our ELC students a way to become excited about the world around them in a nurturing and inclusive way.

Junior School Junior School

Open the door on our wholistic junior program – a kaleidoscope of activities that prompt students’ interests and joy in the most welcoming and inclusive environment. From singing to swimming and everything in between.

The Forum The Forum

Watch this video to learn how our community is inclusive for everyone, regardless of their abilities and interests. It’s all about belonging, and a marker of this is our commitment to innovation, collaboration and communication.