Kingswood College students are encouraged to become well-rounded individuals by balancing their academic focus with cocurricular activities. These activities are scheduled before school, after school or during lunch times. There are many opportunities to participate, make new friends, get involved and experience new challenges through House activities, sport, clubs, the arts, community based learning and cultural experiences.

From individual and team-based sports to other physically and mentally challenging pursuits, there is something to suit every interest and skill level. Cocurricular activities allow students to explore their individual passions in a community setting.


Kingswood College offers an extensive leadership program commencing in the Junior School and running throughout the College to the Senior School.

A range of leadership positions are available including Junior School Captains, College Captains, House Captains, Music Captains, and Captains for specific interests.

Student Ambassadors
Kingswood College offers an ambassador program for students interested in assisting the College at Open Day, school tours, College and community events. Student Ambassadors work under the guidance of teachers and allied staff to promote the benefits of a Kingswood College education via their invaluable first-hand experience.

We offer mentoring programs at all year levels, encouraging older, more experienced students to assist junior members of the College. Our mentoring programs are supported and guided by a team of wellbeing and subject teachers, counsellors and allied staff.


Kingswood College secondary students compete in Eastern Melbourne’s premier mid-week sporting competition: the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne (EISM) Sporting Association. More information about the EISM can be found here.

Students have the opportunity to compete at a high-level across many team sports including basketball, netball, hockey, tennis, soccer, table tennis, volleyball and football. Individual events that students can enjoy include cross-country running, athletics, swimming, golf and a surfing carnival.

Students in the Junior School compete in Blackburn District Primary School Sports Association mid-week sporting competitions in a range of team and individual pursuits.

As the sporting program runs on weekdays, there is no compulsory Saturday sport, giving students the opportunity to participate in community sports clubs, or follow personal or family pursuits.

Drama + Music

Kingswood College is well known for its extensive arts program. Encompassing music, singing, dance, drama, multimedia, photography, visual communication and design, our wide-ranging curriculum fosters students’ imagination, curiosity and creativity.

Arts students learn the skills and techniques to capture and convey their thoughts, ideas and feelings through creative artistic expression, whether visually, musically or via dance and movement.

Classroom, instrumental and choral music programs provide students with scope for both group participation and individual development.  Students can take additional private tuition classes on campus during school hours for their preferred musical instruments, singing or drama.

Kingswood College boasts a strong event-driven program of performances, plays and productions, concerts, special events and evenings where students have the opportunity to perform and showcase their individual and collective talents.

The College Art Show displays art works across the spectrum of arts subjects from students in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools and is always a popular annual event in the College calendar.


Kingswood College students have many opportunities to participate in lunchtime clubs such as the Chess Club, Dance Club, Science Club, Performance, Music and Visual Arts clubs, Environment Club, sporting adventures and extension and enrichment challenges. There are lots of clubs to join, but if there isn’t already one to suit a student’s interest – they can start one!

House competition

Students are allocated to a House group on enrolment at Kingswood College. There are four Houses and each consists of students from Prep to Year 12. The Houses are Brunning, Gwynton, New and Walker.

There are numerous events in the College calendar that involve House actitivities including swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals and a House Performing Arts festival. Healthy rivalry exists between each House and all the activities add a wonderful dimension to life at Kingswood College. House Coordinators and student House Leaders oversee the running of each House.


Kingswood College takes part in the Debaters Association of Victoria Schools Competition. Students have a fantastic opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in areas like listening, analysis, logic and the rebuttal of arguments. The topics allocated are interesting and engaging. Students have fun whilst building their communication and logical thinking skills.

Riding the Human Powered Vehicle

Kingswood College students can be involved with the racing and running of our Human Powered Vehicle (HPV).

Competing in the HPV schools’ competition – held annually in Maryborough Victoria – Kingswood College has finished in the top five for the past three years; an impressive feat for a school our size. Interested students have the opportunity to participate in the design, construction, racing and maintenance of the vehicle.

Trips of a lifetime

To enhance their language skills and expand their cultural knowledge, language and culture students are given the chance to experience an unforgettable trip overseas.

Through our relationship with the school ‘Lycée Arbez Carme’ in France, students studying French in Years 9 – 11 have the opportunity to participate in a study tour  and hosting French students in alternate years. As well as immersing themselves in culture and language, it also gives students ample opportunity to enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery. This experience provides students with extra motivation to excel in their language study. There is also the opportunity to go on extended exchanges through the NACEL organisation during the VCE years of study.

Students in Years 8 – 11 can enjoy a two-week visit to China. Travelling to our sister schools in Jiangsu Xishan Senior School and Gaoxin Number 1 Middle School, as well as taking in the Great Wall of China and sites in Beijing, the tour gives students a fantastic opportunity to practise their Chinese language skills and explore the incredible history and cultural diversity of this unique country.

Central Australia
Students in Years 10 – 11 have the opportunity to participate in the Community Based Learning trip to Central Australia. Students spend time in Central Australia learning and immersing in Aboriginal culture on-country.

Students in Years 10 – 11 have the opportunity to participate in the Community Based Learning trip to Cambodia. Cambodia provides a learning experience that is a strong contrast with the College’s other international experiences in China and France and strongly aligns with the College’s commitment to Social Justice.

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