Kingswood College’s Seek Program encourages and supports students who present as gifted and talented.

Research shows that activities that enable students to immerse themselves in rich, challenging programs in their areas of interest are essential. It also shows that gifted and talented students need this challenge in every lesson.

This is why we create individualised plans for students who have confirmed gifted profiles. Part of this process is meeting students and their families and getting to know their background and home environment.

It also requires an understanding from us that gifted people don’t necessarily present as gifted in all areas. They may present with other challenges, and that’s okay. We need to understand what their learning profile looks like.

Developing Kingswood College’s Gifted and Talented Program is a particular passion for our Principal, Chrissy Gamble, whose Master of Education degree explored gifted and talented students and the role accelerated learning can play in their progress.

“Great schools like Kingswood College know how to find and explore the latent potential that lies within gifted students.”

– Kingswood College Head of Individual Differences, Linda Abbott