Early Learning Centre

Kingswood College’s Early Learning Centre, the Imaginarium, is a highly engaging, hands-on program where children are inspired to learn through their senses.

Children are full of amazing ideas. As early learning educators, our skill is to recognise every gem and transform it into an even richer learning experience.

The Imaginarium is a captivating place designed to bring out the best in young people. Our passionate, dedicated and highly-qualified early learning teachers know that getting education right in the early years results in profoundly better learning outcomes.


Junior School

Kingswood College Junior School (Prep to Year 6) provides students with an exceptional education in their formative years.

The journey starts with our teachers getting to know each student, so they feel safe and supported, and can contribute to a culture of learning that empowers everyone.

This approach is only possible thanks to Kingswood College’s smaller classroom sizes and year levels.

As educators, we know each step of the school journey matters. We champion the science of learning and evidence-based practice to challenge and support students at every stage.


Middle School

Kingswood College Middle School (Year 7 to 9) is a formative time for students to achieve personal goals, develop their leadership qualities and engage in diverse curricular and cocurricular activities.

Parents can feel confident that every class their child attends will have academic rigour and teachers committed to bringing out the best in their child.

One of the great strengths of our student-centred school is flexibility. Because we know each student, we can tailor their learning experiences as they progress.


Senior School

Kingswood College Senior School (Years 10 to 12) is a dynamic learning environment for young adults.

We are ambitious about the academic outcomes of our students. This is front and centre.

Great schools are made up of great teachers who make sure that every student is challenged, every day.

We also understand that achievement looks different for every student.

We know our students individually and are prepared to challenge them, so they thrive at school and in the world beyond.



The purpose of the Pathways Program is to provide career and guidance, information and support to help students make a successful transition from school to further education, training or employment. It also aims to give students the skills to manage their own careers throughout their lives.



Kingswood College students are well-rounded individuals who balance their academic focus with co-curricular activities.


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