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VCE results 2016

The Class of 2016 students who sat for VCE exams have achieved: 33% achieved an ATAR of 90+, placing them in the top 10% nationally. This is the highest figure we have had for the College.

Dear Families,

I am delighted to share with you news of the VCE results from the Class of 2016. We add their success in their studies to a much broader canvas – the education of their mind, body, heart and spirit. They have been a small but active cohort whose involvement in our holistic program has brought many benefits to them, and to us. In particular their enthusiasm for House pursuits has been extremely strong, as well as the Arts and Sport. They have had the opportunity to participate in Community Based Learning locally with senior citizens as well as Early Learning Centre students, and globally, in Cambodia. Their participation in EISM sport has been impressive, with a number of teams reaching the finals during their time in Senior School.

The Class of 2016 students who sat for VCE exams have achieved two firsts for the College

  • 33% achieved an ATAR of 90+, placing them in the top 10% nationally. This is the highest figure we have had for the College
  • 18% of study scores were 40+, double the state average, and much higher than in the past

46% of the Class of 2016 achieved ATARs of 80+, placing them in the top 20% of students across Australia.

For the sixth year in a row, Cameron Stollery is the Dux of his year level, and hence, Dux of the College in 2016, with an ATAR of 99.7. This places him at the very top of student achievement across the country –within the top 0.3%. Cameron has been a student at Kingswood College since he joined the Early Learning Centre. He recently received the most prestigious College award at Celebration Night, The Kingswood Award, which is for academic excellence and community contribution.

In 2015 Cameron received a perfect 50 for IT Applications, and a Premier’s Award for being the state’s top student in that subject. This year he was also the top or equal top student at the College in each of his five subjects: English, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, French and Physics, achieving above 40 in each subject. In cocurricular activities Cameron has been an outstanding contributor to the Performing Arts, and Walker House. We will particularly miss his guitar playing. Cameron is planning to study a double degree at Monash University in 2017.

Other students who achieved an ATAR above 90 include

Pearl Aung                              95.85

Lachlan McPhail                     95.55

Alastair Whitely                     95.4

Dieter Brand                           95.1

Joshua Castle                          94.9

Jack Fairlie                              94.9

James Dunn                             93.95

Christopher Keegan              92.65

Laura Nelson                           91.65

Alice Curtis                             90.25

Olivia Sharma                         90.2

Another student with a 90+ ATAR has elected to remain anonymous.

One of the clear lessons from the Class of 2016 is that high achievement at Kingswood College is part of a broader picture. The students above were highly involved in so many aspects of College life. Both College Captains, Dieter Brand and Alice Curtis are among our top achievers. A number of others had key leadership roles. These students were involved in House activities, performing arts, sport both in and beyond the College, media coverage and much more. Their academic achievements have not come at the cost of experiencing and benefitting from a broad and balanced program.

Some particularly high study scores, across a range of subjects are worth noting:

  • Christopher Keegan achieved 49 for VET Interactive Digital Media
  • Cameron Stollery achieved 48 for Physics
  • Katherine Smith received 46 for Physical Education
  • Laura Nelson achieved 45 for Health and Human Development
  • David Pradd received 45 for History – Revolutions

These scores put them in the top handful of students in these studies. All students in the VET Interactive Digital Media class achieved a study score above 40.

Of course personal bests come in a range of contexts, and we salute every student who committed to achieving theirs and who can look back feeling pride and satisfaction with their achievements and contributions across a range of endeavours. For some, this was completing an unscored VCE, and making many positive contributions to the College community. On behalf of the Class of 2016 I thank families who have provided them with strong support, and staff for their tireless commitment not only this year, but throughout this group’s school journey. We look forward to remaining in touch with these students via our alumni, the Wyvernian Association.


Elisabeth Lenders