Where potential soars

Senior School - VCE@Kingswood. More than a number.

Kingswood College Senior School is a unique, pre-tertiary setting for students in Years 11 and 12.

The Senior School prepares students for achieving their personal best in VCE and for life post-school.  In Years 11 and 12 the average class size is just 13 students - so all students receive a high-level of personal attention and support from classroom teachers.

The purpose built senior teaching and learning space has a lecture theatre, tutorial rooms and private study spaces, as well as a multi-purpose area for collaborating and socialising. Senior students work closely with class and wellbeing teachers and associated staff mentors to ensure their course is enriching, focused and academically challenging.

Students in the Senior School are expected to contribute to a collaborative, engaging and productive learning environment and have an appropriate work ethic for successful completion of their VCE.

Higher order thinking, content understanding and keeping abreast of workload is expected of students willing and prepared to achieve their best.

Classes are designed to incorporate home learning as an invaluable tool for consolidating understanding; tutorial lessons are always best served by reflection and consideration of ideas.

Dr Stephen Maus
Head of Senior School