Kingswood College encourages each student to stretch the boundaries of their individual capabilities.  As well as collaboration, creativity, discussion and research, a strong emphasis is placed on the use of resources and technology to help stimulate independent thinking.

iThink therefore iPad

Kingswood College’s iPad program provides students in Prep – Year 6 with easy access to digital information and resources. The program is designed to utilise the iPad in a way that leads our students and teachers to deeper levels of engagement, collaboration and creativity. Students are encouraged to discover, download and even create their own apps to help them create, manage, capture and organise their work. While within the online environment, students learn about their responsibilities as cyber-citizens as they acquire, manipulate and share information.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

All students in Years 7-12 must have access to their own device for use at the College. The BYOD program will allow students greater flexibility in their learning and study as they can choose to bring an iPad, laptop or MAC.


Kingsnet is our College’s very own user-friendly intranet. Students can access their timetable, manage work, personalise settings, store and access school tasks and resources, and collaborate.

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